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Auction finance partnership formed by Dedman Gray and CPC

by | Oct 20, 2014 | News

Dedman Gray and CPC (Commercial Processing Centre) are delighted to announce a partnership providing funding assistance to investors who buy properties at auction.

Dedman Gray is a specialist property auction house who regularly auction both property and land for commercial buyers. Their expertise helps people find the right property or land for their investment.

CPC is a specialist source of funding for commercial land and property with direct access to a wide range of quality sources of finance. Their expertise is in finding the right lender for each individual application, and packaging the application for maximum chance of success.

The combination of these two companies means that property investors looking for funding will have direct access to sources of finance and advice.  Funding can be arranged for a very wide range of commercial property situations and locations.  It is available for both individuals and limited companies, and for single property owners through to full time professionals with a portfolio of properties.

For Dedman Gray:
Gerard Biagioni of Dedman Gray said “We have been looking to help our investors with access to finance for some time, and I am really pleased we have teamed with such an expert and client-focused company.”

For CPC:
Karl Griggs, Director of COC said, “It has been a pleasure working with Gerard and his team since we started the partnership.  Their knowledge of the property and land market is excellent, and it is great that we can add another strong element to their offering.