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Your Auction Finance Guide

  • The difference between a traditional and modern auction
  • What important buyer information you need to be aware of
  • Auction finance options

HMO Planning Q&A

  • Some of the frequently asked questions around HMOs
  • Find out the different types of HMOs
  • Understand the difference between licensing and planning permission

Commercial to residential conversion

  • Read this case study to find out how CPC Finance clients converted a hotel into 15 apartments

How to convert a property into HMO

  • Understand the key steps you need to take to convert a single residential property into an HMO

Using bridging to build success

  • Learn how bridging finance (also known as short term loans) can help you grow your portfolio
  • See an example of this type of finance in practice

A Quick Guide to Valuations

  • Get an overview of the different types of valuation available and the circumstances in which they apply

Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance

  • Read this case study to find out how CPC Finance clients converted a three-bedroom house to a five-bedroom HMO using the B.R.R.R. process

Finance for Investors

  • Check out our latest advert that you can see in investor magazines and at events

CPC Finance Testimonials

  • Read testimonials from some of our clients about working with us

A recent client success:

Clients purchased a derelict, partly vandalised property in need of a full refurbishment. CPC Finance arranged a short term loan in order to complete the purchase and release additional funds for the refurbishment works to be carried out. The clients completed the refurbishments required and re-mortgaged on to a term facility.

Top Tips

You will need an exit route in place for the finance. Once the refurbishment is completed, it can usually be switched to a term loan if you wish to retain the property to rent out. Alternatively, the exit route can be to sell the property.

Flexible repayment options are available to allow you to choose between retained, rolled and serviced payments.

Visit our case studies page to see examples of refurbishment projects by CPC clients.

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