What is it?

Trading business finance allows your client to use a commercial mortgage to buy or remortgage just about any type of non-residential property for business use. Whether they are looking to purchase new office space or release equity from an industrial unit or factory, a business mortgage could help raise the finance they need to achieve their business goals.


The funds raised through business finance can be used for a range of purposes, whether your client requires extra cash-flow support, investment for new equipment, or even a new property to expand their operations. Our lenders will work with us and help you find your client a mortgage that will fit their business plans, and provide flexible terms to suit them.

Who is it for?

Trading business finance is suitable for just about any profession or industry. Your client’s eligibility for the loan will be judged against their business income. The type of clients we have assisted include sole traders such as hair salons and independent retailers, to large construction companies.

For more specialist professions such as solicitors, accountants and healthcare companies, our Professional Practice Finance may be a more suitable option for your client.