There is a range of short-term loans (STLs) available which will enable your client to carry out light or heavy refurbishment works on an investment property.

The type of loan required will depend on the amount of proposed works to be carried out. Each lender has their own definition of light or heavy refurbishment but as a rule of thumb:

Heavy refurbishment constitutes major structural work, costing more than 15% of the property value, which could need planning permission or involve certain building regulations.

Light refurbishment works cost less than 15% of the property value. These can include cosmetic improvements to a property and smaller work such as rewiring, repainting or installing a new bathroom.


Your client can raise finance quickly to do the works, increase the value of the property and then sell on or change to a buy-to-let mortgage term facility.

Who are they for?

Light and heavy refurbishment STLs are intended for experienced landlords with an exit route in place.

Some lenders on our panel also allow for discounts on the margin for any returning customers. This means that a cheaper product may be available by switching to a term loan with the same lender.

Note that whilst rates and terms are correct at the time of writing, they can change. Contact us for the latest situation.