Property Portfolio Finance is ideal for investors looking to manage multiple properties.

It provides one, consolidating finance package rather than multiple accounts with different lenders, which moves all your client’s loans into one place. This allows them to manage their investments more efficiently. No matter the size of their portfolio, we can help them maintain control over their finances and continue to expand.


Portfolio finance can utilise their different properties’ values as one overall investment and provide flexible and competitive funding. The simplicity of one finance package makes it easier to arrange finance based on their existing portfolio, as well as improving their cash flow management, potentially releasing cash for further investments.

Who are they for?

Property portfolio finance is intended for investors or businesses with existing portfolios, looking to make further buy-to-let purchases, or buy, refurbish and sell investments. It can also be used for investors to re-finance multiple properties at once.

If you are an investor with multiple properties then get in touch to discuss how we can help your financial status.