What is it?

Invoice financing is a facility for businesses which releases up to 90% of an invoice value within 24 hours of the invoice being raised. It bridges the gap between raising invoices and waiting to be paid. It is usually used as a cash advance for a business.

It allows businesses great flexibility, helping with cash flow & business growth.

Uses of Invoice Finance

These include:

  • New start ups
  • Supporting growth
  • Purchasing business premises
  • Helping fund management buy outs, mergers, acquisitions
  • Overcoming a restrictive overdraft limit.

How to enquire

For more details, contact us on 01923 655441 or email us at contact@cpcfinance.co.uk.

Investors looking to take out a HMO mortgage under the name of a limited company should refer to our Limited Companies / Special Purpose Vehicles section.

Top Tips


Putting a lock on every room is not the same as an HMO. If you do not ensure that your property is HMO-specific, valuers and lenders may only see it as having the value of the family home it once was.


It is particularly important with HMOs to make sure it is a high quality property in order to get the desired long term return on investment.


Be aware of local council legislation, for example where there is an Article 4 Direction in the area. This will impact on the planning permissions needed for conversion into an HMO.

Get in touch today to discuss your HMO plans in more detail.