What is it?

Managing rental properties can be a significant headache for investors, with challenges like finding the right tenants, managing the property, and collecting the rent.

We have teamed up with one of Britain’s leading property management companies to provide a specialist management service for Buy To Let investors and landlords.

They manage the property on the owner’s behalf and also act as the tenant, which means the owner never has to worry about rent arrears, void periods or damage to their investment. Their services include:

  • Finding tenants
  • Preparing a full inventory
  • Full tenant on-boarding
  • Property management
  • Maintenance
  • Collections and litigation

Guarantee and cost

They offer a guaranteed rent for up to 5 years.  Rent is paid 12 months in advance with no void periods and a property condition guarantee.  The market value is agreed with the owner in advance.

The cost of this fully managed service is just 10% of the annual rent with no VAT to pay.

How to enquire

If you are a property investor who would like your property investment portfolio to be managed professionally, with guaranteed rent, do contact us on 01923 655441 or email us at contact@cpcfinance.co.uk.

Investors looking to take out a HMO mortgage under the name of a limited company should refer to our Limited Companies / Special Purpose Vehicles section.

Top Tips


Putting a lock on every room is not the same as an HMO. If you do not ensure that your property is HMO-specific, valuers and lenders may only see it as having the value of the family home it once was.


It is particularly important with HMOs to make sure it is a high quality property in order to get the desired long term return on investment.


Be aware of local council legislation, for example where there is an Article 4 Direction in the area. This will impact on the planning permissions needed for conversion into an HMO.

Get in touch today to discuss your HMO plans in more detail.