Property Investor Day  Presentations

Top property investment topics - Shawbrook Commercial

The presentation covers specific challenges faced by landlords:

  • Issues around limited company versus individual borrowing
  • When to use short term finance to maximise returns.
  • Pros and cons of investing in HMOs

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Equity release - Castle Trust

Castle Trust looks at the types of loans available to release equity from a property for business purposes, where no monthly payments are made.

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Our offering - Natwest

As the largest provider of finance to the SME sector NatWest gives an overview of its finance offerings to the commercial market.

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HMO valuation - Shawbrook Bank

With the new valuation guidance from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in force, Stephen Johnson from Shawbrook Bank explained how this may affect valuations on HMO properties . This is key to landlords as it will impact on their business models.

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Buying at auction -  Together Money

Together Money describes the trends around purchasing properties at auction, along with some case studies demonstrating different scenarios where they have been able to assist.

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How second charge mortgages work - Shawbrook Loans

The presentation addresses some of the advantages of second charge loans and shows how they can be very effective in some finance situations.

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Development finance - Masthaven

One of the newest challenger banks, Masthaven gives insight into its ethos and offering, with a particular focus on its development finance products.

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“Thank you for your invite to CPC's open day in Watford last week. It was wonderful meeting both of you in person, and to be amongst so  many like -minded people.

The exhibitors in attendance all made impressive presentations of their services which I found both helpful and informative. Some of which I will  be using in the near future - especially auction purchases.”

Aubrey King