Property Investor Day  Presentations

"Massive thanks to the team at CPC Finance for providing such an informative 'Investor Day'.  The speakers were very generous with their knowledge, experience and ideas. CPC Finance were then able to illustrate, through their expertise with working with lenders, how these ideas could be successfully implemented.

CPC Finance's experience has been instrumental in building my property business. I would recommend their services to any landlord, investor or developer. Thanks CPC Finance for your continued support - I look forward to working with you in the future!"

Lindsay Coom, Investor

Richard Bowser, Editor of Property Investor News

Long-time property industry observer and investor Richard Bowser gave an overview of the property industry, looking at whether investors are creating liabilities or assets for themselves by investing in property in 2019. His presentation looks at the current opportunities and challenges facing landlords.

Property Investor News presentation

Roz Cawood, senior business development manager, Masthaven

Masthaven has recently become a bank offering mortgages and buy-to-let finance in addition to its traditional products. With a focus on refurbishment finance, both first and second charge mortgages, it can offer both regulated and non-regulated loans. This presentation gives an introduction to the bank and the different types of finance on offer.

Masthaven presentation

Rob Bridgewater, property investor, API

Property investment company API Ltd gave a case study detailing how it sources, purchases, converts and rents out properties. The company founders also talked about how CPC Finance has helped them over the years, including advising on their business model, as they have grown their portfolio to around 40 properties.

API presentation

Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook is a specialist savings and lending bank, focusing on landlords and UK property investors. The presentation looks at short term property finance and then long term partnerships after the short term loan.

Shawbrook Bank presentation

Application Tools, Karl Griggs

Karl Griggs, Director of CPC Finance, discussed some of the tools available to investors and landlords.

Karl Griggs presentation

Malkit Purewal, property investor, Regions Estates

Malkit Purewal is a property investor, specialising in converting residential properties into Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) for rental. In this presentation he gave examples of multiple conversion projects, both before and after works with tips for other investors looking to do the same thing.

Malkit Purewal presentation

Neil Southern, Broker business development manager, NatWest

From the bank’s sub £2m Real Estate Finance team, Neil Southern gave an introduction to the bank and the specific types of finance it offers. It details the loan types including Residential Development Finance, as well as the key information required to obtain a deal.

NatWest presentation

Azid Gungah, property investor, Quiddity Group ltd

Azid Gungah is a property investor with a large, mixed portfolio. His presentation for property investors gives thorough advice on how to approach auctions including tips on what to do before, during and after auctions. He gave examples of an auction purchase and how to recycle funds into a refurbishment project.

Azid Gungah presentation

Less Tax 4 Landlords

Less Tax 4 Landlords are specialists in reducing tax for landlords and investors. They looked at how by having the right recognised business structures, portfolio landlords can be most tax efficient.

Less Tax 4 Landlords presentation

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend and present. I really enjoyed the day and felt it was really beneficial."

Daniel Standing, Regional Development Manager, Shawbrook Bank


“The investor day provided me with lots of updated information about the industry, how new regulations are affecting the market and most importantly how fellow investors were adapting to these changes.

CPC Finance staff are very knowledgeable and their network with key lenders is invaluable.

Personally, one of the great outputs from the day was getting to set up a meeting with Shawbrook Bank to discuss an upfront credit line which will then be facilitated by the team at CPC Finance.

Networking with fellow investors was also an invaluable output of the day.”

Mr Azid Gungah (B.A. M.B.A. MSc), Investor