Chris and Johanna Phillips, CJ21 Properties Limited

We have been working on building our portfolio over the last 3 years. In this time Julie and Karl from CPC Finance have been of enormous assistance, sourcing finance to enable us to more than double the size of our portfolio. We have been very grateful for their support, encouragement and “can do” attitude. As we embark on the development phase of our business strategy we look forward to an even closer relationship with CPC Finance.

James O’Grady, i-occupy

James O’Grady is a developer at i-occupy, specialist HMO property developers based in Luton:

“Working with CPC Finance to source our Commercial Mortgage Loans has been a real pleasure. The team works really hard to understand what you are trying to achieve and fulfil your expectations. Excellent communication from the team meant the job was done in half the time we expected, to a superior standard. The excellent service provided means that we plan to work regularly with CPC Finance in the future, with six projects already planned for next year.”

Mark Forrest

Mark Forrest owns Leaf Forrest Ltd, a property development company based in North London: 

“I enjoyed working with CPC Finance due to their unmatched expediency. We have used other property finance packagers before, but found a major difference as soon as we began working with CPC Finance. The quality of the team’s service is head and shoulders above anything we experienced before.
The team understands the timely nature of our projects, and their expert understanding of the lenders’ criteria means that they are able to look ahead at what will be required for our projects, so that we can act fast. This is very important to us as many of our projects are opportunistic, so time is of the essence.
Due to the success of our relationship with CPC Finance, we will undoubtedly be working with the company for many years to come. We really feel they understand us as a business – they have taken the headache out of sourcing property finance, and it is now a process we are comfortable with thanks to their expert advice.”

Okikiola Imam

CPC Finance helped Okikiola Imam source a  loan for his property purchase:

“Special thanks to the guys at CPC Finance, you are a key player to my property business and where most brokers will shy away you have a way of completing! Julie at CPC Finance UK is someone I would highly recommend to anyone looking for any sort of finance for property.”

Matt Coleman, Coleman Land & Property Ltd

“Understanding the importance of time when obtaining Commercial Finance is something Julie and Karl from CPC Finance are well informed of and as such, have saved us thousands of pounds in past property deals. Thank you for all your fast reactive work!”

Malkit Purewal, property investor

"We have been working with CPC Finance for five years. CPC Finance help ease the process of borrowing by finding the right finance to suit our requirements. CPC Finance are always aware of new products from lenders and their time constraints, allowing me to meet my end goals. The benefits of a  good broker like CPC Finance is they enable your business to expand quickly. They allow us to raise capital within tight time periods and help get our business closer to meeting its targets. In addition, since working with CPC Finance we have been able to establish great working relationships with a number of lenders who have greatly enabled us to expand our business."