What is it?

We offer specialist finance for property professionals operating under a limited company or special purpose vehicle (SPV). These mortgages allow investors to either purchase or refinance an existing property, to be let on a residential basis, which is a hot topic at the moment due to recent changes to tax in the recent budget.


Finding finance to invest in a property as a limited company is a specialist requirement. At CPC Finance we have a number of lenders who provide mortgages for this specific purpose.

Who is it for?

We can usually provide finance for all types of residential buy-to-lets. As an SPV, your company’s sole activity should be property investment and borrowers should be able to demonstrate a track record in property management.

Types of finance suitable for limited companies

Light and Heavy Refurbishment Short-Term Loans (STL)

If you want to carry out works on the property, you have the choice between light and heavy refurbishment products, which will depend on the amount of proposed works to be carried out.

See our Light and Heavy Refurbishment section for more details or get in touch today.

Development Finance

If you are purchasing land to build property or undertaking an extensive conversion, development finance would be used. A typical loan would assist with the purchase of the land and the build costs.

See our Development Finance section for more details or get in touch today.


Buy-to-Let (BTL)

If the property you are looking to purchase requires no works to be carried out before letting out, a buy-to-let term loan or House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) term loan would be suitable.

See our Buy-to-Let and HMO sections for more details or get in touch today.

Top Tips


Ensure you have a solid business plan and a clear cash-flow forecast to support your loan application.


Be prepared for some lenders to require guarantees and diligence investigations on directors and shareholders of the company in question.


As an SPV your company’s sole activity should be property management or investment.

A recent client success:
A limited company purchased a residential house with outbuildings using a short term loan and converted it into a six bed HMO with one bed annex. Once the works were completed, CPC Finance arranged a long term investment mortgage with a capital uplift to recoup the majority of the clients’ cash outlay for the deposit and works.