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Commercial Investment Finance

What is it?

Commercial investment finance is designed for the purchase or refinance of a commercial property to let. At CPC, we work closely with our lenders to ensure a firm understanding of both the specific industry and the type of business tenants involved in your investment. This helps you secure the best commercial investment finance for your requirements.


Mortgages of this type allow you to purchase properties, or release equity from existing investments. Lenders will take into consideration factors such as the commerciality and potential yields of the property in order to provide a realistic mortgage deal that is tailored to your investment needs.

Who is it for?

Borrowers can use this funding for a variety of commercial properties. Most commonly, mortgages are lent against offices, industrial units, mixed-use or retail property. Individuals should be able to demonstrate both a strong investment plan and experience in commercial property management.

Commercial investment finance is available on a range of properties.

Top Tips

Borrowers should be able to demonstrate previous experience in commercial property management.

Bear in mind that lenders take into consideration tenant types as well as the quality of the asset when organising mortgages for commercial properties.

Most lenders offer a choice of capital and interest or interest-only terms, depending on which best suits your business.

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