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CPC Finance’s Julie Griggs hits 25 blood donations

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Clients

Congratulations to Julie Griggs, Director at CPC Finance, for hitting her 25th blood donation! She has been presented with this certificate by the NHS Blood and Transplant Service in recognition of this achievement. Julie began giving blood when one of her children needed a blood transfusion at birth and believes that giving blood regularly is important and a way that she can make a difference. She intends to keep on giving!Blood donor certificate

Blood donations are critical to the NHS and most people aged 17-65 can donate. Every day, people all over the country require a blood transfusion for different reasons, including medical treatments, surgeries, accidents, and more. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the blood they need, which is why blood donation is crucial and is always in high demand. You can read the stories of the people who have benefited from blood donations, as well as those who give, on the NHS website.

If you would like to donate blood, or other vital resources like organs, platelets, bone marrow, and tissue, visit the NHS Blood and Transplant website to find out more information on how and where.