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Q1 2021 Hometrack Rental Market Report

by | May 13, 2021 | Client Lenders, Clients

The headlines from the Q1 2021 Hometrack Rental Market Report are:

· Three distinct markets are emerging in UK rental market: the wider commuter zones and beyond, major city centres and London

· Across the UK outside London, there is strong rental demand amid constrained supply and rents are up +3% on the year

· Three English regions & Wales are recording the highest rental growth since March 2011

· In London, rental falls eased in Q1, with rents down -9.4% in the year to March, compared to -10% in the year to February

· Rental demand in inner London boosted as monthly rents in several boroughs hit their lowest levels since the index began in 2011, dramatically increasing affordability You can read the full report online Q1 2021 Hometrack Rental Market Report on the Hometrack website. Here are the headlines from the Q4 report.