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What does B.R.R.R stand for?

B.R.R.R. stands for Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance. This property investing strategy entails the purchase of a property, adding value through renovation, renting it out and then refinancing onto a term buy-to-let mortgage to extract funds for further investment.

B.R.R.R. has proven to be effective for many landlords across the UK, allowing them to grow their portfolios. Here are the steps:

Buy: Buy the property with the assistance of a 75% LTV short term loan – investors can also source an additional 10% for refurb works. The additional 10% applied to light refurbishment projects only where properties do not require planning or significant change to the layout of the property.

Refurbish: Complete the works to increase the value and rental income.

Rent: Use a virtual tour to line up your tenants and start to see the rental income come in.

Refinance: Refinance the property with a buy-to-let mortgage worth 75% LTV of the confirmed GDV figure and release capital from the project.

Make sure you check out our video where we explain the B.R.R.R. process in more detail!

Video One


Follow the real-life journey of property investors Sanjay and Malkit, as they go through the process of buying, renovating, renting and remortgaging their commercial to residential investments. We get an inside look at their plans, financials, roadblocks and triumphs.

Video Two

Reading Conversion Part One

Karl Griggs, Co-Founder and Director of CPC Finance chats with Sanjay Kumar and Malkit Purewal from Savoy’s Properties. They have been developing properties for the last 10 years and Karl chats with them as their new property conversion project in Reading gets underway. Originally a commercial office, follow the conversion journey from office space to residential flats.

Video Three

Uxbridge Conversion Part One

Join CPC Finance Co-Founder and Director, Karl Griggs as he talks to Sanjay Kumar and Malkit Purewal from Savoy’s Properties. This episode features the newest property added to their portfolio – a bungalow in Uxbridge. Follow the conversion journey from bungalow to a 6 bed House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

Video Four

Reading Conversion Part Two

Join Karl Griggs, Co-Founder and Director of CPC Finance as he returns to the property in Reading. Sanjay and Malkit from Savoy Properties update Karl on the progress of the conversion from office space into residential flats. Six weeks into the project and work is progressing well and on target to be completed within the 8-week timeframe.

Video Five

Uxbridge Conversion Part Two

Join CPC Finance Co-Founder and Director, Karl Griggs as he returns to the property in Uxbridge. We rejoin Sanjay and Malkit eight weeks into the HMO project. With a huge amount of work already completed, the project is on track to be completed on time, which now will become a 7 bed HMO and not the 6 bed HMO initially planned.

Video Six

Lincolnshire Refurbishment & New Build

Join CPC Finance Co-founder and Director Karl Griggs as he talks to Jamie Sandford and Rob Bridgewater from API Investments about their project to transform an abandoned pub, cowsheds, and grounds into several residential properties. In total there are eighteen residential units, ranging from one-bedroom flats to three-bedroom houses.

In addition to our video, we have a write-up of the case study with further details, which you can read on our blog.

A recent client success:

Clients purchased a derelict, partly vandalised property in need of a full refurbishment. CPC Finance arranged a short term loan in order to complete the purchase and release additional funds for the refurbishment works to be carried out. The clients completed the refurbishments required and re-mortgaged on to a term facility.

Top Tips

You will need an exit route in place for the finance. Once the refurbishment is completed, it can usually be switched to a term loan if you wish to retain the property to rent out. Alternatively, the exit route can be to sell the property.

Flexible repayment options are available to allow you to choose between retained, rolled and serviced payments.

Visit our case studies page to see examples of refurbishment projects by CPC clients.

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