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BTL for Limited Companies & Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

What is it?

As property finance specialists, we can source buy-to-let funding for property professionals operating under limited companies or special purpose vehicles (SPVs). 

With these mortgages, investors can either purchase or refinance an existing property. This applies to properties to be let on a residential basis.


Funding for a property that is mortgaged under a limited company is a specialist market. With our experience, we can work with several lenders who provide funding specifically to limited companies for this purpose.

Who is it for?

It is for companies and SPVs looking to source mortgages for buy-to-lets. With your sole activity being property investment, you should be able to demonstrate your track record in property management. You also need to ensure that your company has the correct SIC code.

A recent client success:

A limited company purchased a residential house with outbuildings using a short term loan and converted it into a six bed HMO with one bed annex. Once the works were completed, CPC Finance arranged a long term investment mortgage with a capital uplift to recoup the majority of the clients’ cash outlay for the deposit and works.

Types Of Finance Suitable For Limited Companies

Light and Heavy Refurbishment Short-Term Loans (STL)

If you have a property that you intend to carry out work on, we can source light and heavy refurbishment funding. The type you need will be dependent on the work to be completed and the amount to be carried out.

Funding for Works

We work with lenders who can not only fund the purchase, but also the works as well. This is subject to the end value.

Buy-to-let (BTL)

Many properties don’t need work to be carried out on them before being let out. If your property is suitable for renting as is, a buy-to-let term loan would be suitable. This includes House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) term loans.

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Top Tips

Limited companies should ensure that they have a clear plan in place. This includes assessing cash-flow forecasts.

Guarantees are required by some lenders. Additionally, they sometimes ask for diligence investigations to be carried out on directors and shareholders.

For SPVs, the company’s top priority should be focusing on property management and/or investment and you should have the correct SIC code.

When applying for funding as a limited company you need to make sure that your business has the right SIC code. A SIC code (Standard Industrialisation Classification) identifies the nature of your business.