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Property Investor Days

As property finance specialists, we understand how important it is to keep up to date with industry standards, network with other investors and to stay informed on current finance options.

Our Property Investor Days give you the chance to do just this. We provide our investors with the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss future plans. These days vary and we aim to offer a varying selection of panels and discussions that focus on the different areas of property finance. These can include topics such as short term loans, buy-to-let market updates, opportunities in the rental market and development finance.

We also arrange for our investors to be joined by industry experts who can provide hands-on assistance and advice.

Sound interesting? You can use our easy-to-use form to sign up for our next Property Investor Day. You can view summaries of our previous days below to get an idea of what they include and what we have previously covered.

Property Investor Day – May 2019

Investor Day

Our May 2019 investor was dedicated to providing our investors with the opportunity to share their experiences and plans with fellow investors.

This day covered topics such as short term loans and development loans. We also hosted investor presentations that focused on auction purchases.

Representatives from the legal, landlord insurance and accountancy sectors were also welcomed to provide advice to attendees.

Property Investor Day – April 2018

Investor Day April

In April 2018 our Property Investor Day focused on industry experts providing assistance and advice to our investors.

We utilised round tables to encourage sociable discussions around specific topics. It also allowed our experts to easily move between tables to share their experience with each investor.

Feedback from this day was extremely positive, with many attendees saying that it helped them with their investment plans moving forward.

Property Investor Day – September 2017

September 17

Our September 2017 Investor Day was very well attended. As well as personal and business investors, we also had representatives from a number of funding and legal organisations.

This day focused on the PRA changes to underwriting standards for investors, particularly portfolio investors.

Presentations that were held also included buy-to-let market updates, opportunities in the private rental market and the impact of ongoing changes on various lenders.

Property Investor Day – December 2016

investor day dec 16

December 2016 saw a Property Investor Day with over 50 investors and industry experts in attendance.

This day provided opportunities to discuss finance issues with advice from a range of lenders as well as legal, accountancy and marketing specialists.

The day was filled with informative presentations and the chance to discuss various topics and opportunities within the industry.

Property Investor Day – July 2016

investor day 1

Our day in July 2016 was an exciting day that had many highlights.

Presentations that were held focused on topics such as finance for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Talks were also held on topics including the property investment landscape.

As a whole it was a great opportunity for investors to meet mutual clients and explore feedback. It was also a fantastic chance to take part in lively debates.

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