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New to property?

How to begin investing in property

Many people see property as a good long-term investment, but do not have the experience or the knowledge to get started by themselves, even if they have the funds to do so.

We can help.

We have two ways that can help new or inexperienced investors get started.

Buy, Refurb, Flip

The best way to start building up equity from scratch is to Buy, Refurb and Flip single residential properties. A single residential property is a house or flat intended for one family to live in.

Buying a property, refurbishing it to increase its value and selling it on quickly helps you build experience, funds, and credibility with a lender.

Once you have enough money and experience from doing this a few times, you can move onto holding properties and building a portfolio through the B.R.R.R process.

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Game Changer

If you are interested in investing in Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), but you do not have enough experience to secure finance from a lender for a project, we have the solution for you.

Game Changer is an all-in-one package that means even if you have no previous experience with HMOs, you can become the owner of a newly converted, fully financed HMO.

The Game Changer process means that you can secure an initial bridging loan for an HMO conversion project, have an expert develop and manage a property for you, and then secure a term buy-to-let mortgage at the end to hold the property.

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{I just want to thank you, Karl and your team for being absolutely amazing! This is the first time I've used CPC as opposed to my regular broker, and it's been great. Look forward to working with you again.{
Amit Luthra
{Completed on an investment property using bridge finance with the help of Karl, Jade and the team at CPC Finance. I have bought properties in the past with other brokers, but have to say the team were very helpful in providing regular updates and ensuring I was able to secure the best deal in the market. Will definitely be using them again!{
Mani T
{Great experience!{
{Great experience through CPC Finance, they really helped me out! Would use again!{
Callum O
{Extremely professional and transparent experience!{
David C
{We have been working with CPC Finance for a decade and they are the best in the business. We would highly recommend them!{
Savoys Properties
{Julie and the team at CPC team were brilliant. Kept us up to date throughout the process and helped us jump through all the hurdles with the commercial lender to sort out the finance of an office building.{
Steve C
{Amazing service and i would definitely recommend their service. My email to them has never gone 12hrs without reply, I have used other brokers in the past but they are never too busy to answer questions (regardless how many you might have). They focus mainly on seeing your purchase to completion and, at times, when i could have gone directly to lender, I prefered to go through them as they are more approachable and deal with you on a personal level. If CPC can't get you a mortgage, then I don't think anyone can. They have a way of putting a case across even when you might not tick all the lender boxes.{
Lookman I
{Julie and her team are specialists in providing no nonsense and robust financial products. They pushed through an investment property at the height of the 1st lockdown March 2020 and if that was possible then I am confident they are a sound business. Great communication and very organised! Highly recommend!{
Christina D
{Highly recommended.{
Malkit P

If you want to get started with property investing, but you do not know how, talk to us.

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