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Game Changer – for new HMO investors

What is Game Changer?

Game Changer is an all-in-one package that means if you have no previous experience with Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) or have funds but no spare time, you can become the owner of a newly converted, financed HMO.

The Game Changer process means that you can secure an initial bridging loan or use your own funds for an HMO conversion project, have an expert develop and manage a property for you, and then secure a term HMO mortgage at the end to exit.

Who is Game Changer for?

  • First-time property investors or experienced investors who are new to HMOs, with at least £100,000 available to invest
  • Investors who have difficulty securing initial lending for HMO projects due to a lack of experience or who may struggle to exit

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Top Benefits

Initial short-term finance guaranteed

Due to the experience of the developers, Savoys Group, and the combined expertise of mortgage brokers CPC Finance, and solicitors Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, our preferred lender will lend every time on a Game Changer project, subject to clean credit.

A commercial valuation on your property

This allows you to effectively undertake the Build, Refurbish, Rent & Refinance (“B.R.R.R.”) strategy and pull out the majority of your funds, with the remaining funds left in the deal working hard for you.

A reliable developer

Savoys Group locates, secures, refurbishes and manages properties to provide high-quality homes for professional tenants. They have developed the necessary experience, team, and tools to execute projects effectively.

Guaranteed exit and low refinance fees

You can take out both a bridging loan to start the project and a term HMO mortgage at the end of the loan with our preferred lender. They will use the initial, pre-commercial valuation from the beginning of the project as the basis for the valuation of the term product so you do not need to pay for another valuation. You will also not incur additional legal and high refinance fees as the term product is through the same lender as the initial bridging loan.

You can find out more about the benefits of Game Changer on our blog.

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Who offers Game Changer?

CPC Finance, finance broker

CPC Finance is the finance broker for all Game Changer projects. CPC Finance ensures that property finance applications are processed quickly and efficiently until the funding is in place for investors.

CPC Finance specialises in sourcing property funding throughout the UK. The firm sources finance for buy-to-let & commercial properties, auction investments, and property developments.

> Find out more about CPC Finance

Savoys Group, property developer

Savoys Group locates, secures and undertakes the development and the management of the project on behalf of the investor. Malkit Purewal & Sanjay Kumar are multi-award-winning landlords & developers from Savoys Group. The duo has worked in property development for over 20 years and specialised in HMOs for over 10 years. They have now grown a team to help expand their investor clients’ property portfolios.

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Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, solicitor

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP is the exclusive solicitor for Game Changer projects. Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP has been providing expert advice from its offices in the City of London, the West End, and Manchester for over fifty years. Leading this exclusive product launch is Paul Cain, a Partner in the Real Estate department, a Legal 500 recommended lawyer.

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