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CPC Finance sponsors new Savoys Club – an exclusive membership club by Savoys Properties

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Clients

Savoys Properties, headed by Sanjay Kumar and Malkit Purewal, is unveiling a new endeavor for 2024. The duo are launching the Savoys Club, a membership designed specifically for entrepreneurs and property investors looking for more professional education and networking opportunities. The Savoys Club offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Premium Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders at bespoke networking events
  • Masterclasses and Events: Elevate your business acumen through curated masterclasses led by industry titans
  • Property Meets: Explore unique investment opportunities and gain insights into the ever-evolving world of property
  • Development: Immerse yourself in a culture of personal growth with a commitment to personal development
  • Access to Prestigious Venues: Experience luxury at its finest with events hosted at prestigious venues, setting the stage for memorable moments
  • And much more!

The community is designed for visionary entrepreneurs who aspire to reach new heights of success in an environment of sophistication and collaboration.

This year, Savoys Club will host a number of exclusive events including its Elevate Series, a five-event series that digs into the core elements of property investment, offering a comprehensive exploration of strategies, trends, and opportunities. The first event is February 15th and you must be a member and register to attend.

The Elevate Series is a groundbreaking collaboration between Savoys Club and Shawbrook Bank, designed to empower property enthusiasts and investors with unparalleled insights and strategies. Elevate Series is not just a collection of events; it’s a transformative journey through the diverse realms of property investment, guided by industry leaders and experts who have shaped the landscape.

Event themes:

  • Property Strategies to Focus on in 2024: Navigate the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming year with strategic insights from industry leaders.
  • The Art and Potential of Commercial to Residential Conversions: Unlock the untapped potential of this unique niche with expert guidance and success stories.
  • Mastering the World of HMOs: Dive into the intricacies of House in Multiple Occupation properties with strategies from our power team.
  • Fundamentals of Financing Your Property Deals: Demystify the financing process with insider tips and real-world examples from our expert panel.
  • Exploring Current Trends and Opportunities: Broaden your perspective on the property landscape and seize emerging opportunities with insights from industry thought leaders.

Take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level by joining the Savoys Club today. Learn more about the membership benefits and sign up on the website.