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Q2 2021: Rental Market Report

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Clients

The headlines from the Q2 2021 Rental Market Report from Hometrack are:

  • Surge in demand for rental properties in August, especially in cities
  • A widening imbalance between rental demand and supply has pushed rental growth in the UK excluding London to the highest level since 2008
  • Rental growth outside London at +5.0%, up from +2.2% in January
  • London rental declines have bottomed out amid rising demand, reaching -3.8% in July, from -9.8% in February
  • Rental growth back into positive territory in Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh, after falling into negative territory at the start of the year

You can read the full report online for Q2 2021 Hometrack Rental Market Report on the Hometrack website. Here are the headlines from the Q1 2021 report.